Ask and you shall receive…an answer.

Coverage can be complicated. We get that. That’s why we’re providing answers to the most commonly asked questions.

If you need additional information, please connect with a VBA exceptional customer care representative. We’re always happy to help!

Q: How do I use my VBA Vision Benefits?
A:  Login on our vision page
     click Continue
     click Am I Eligible? If you are eligible…
     click Find A Doctor at the top of the webpage. From there you can fill in your zip code and find a doctor close to you.

Tell the doctor that you have a VBA Vision plan. During your appointment, your doctor will give you an exam, order your materials, make sure your lenses are made correctly, and dispense your prescription.

Then: relax. We’ve got you covered!

Please keep in mind that these steps are only applicable if you are using a VBA Participating Provider.

Q: Will I receive a card in the mail to show my doctor before my exam?
A: No. You do not need a card to use your VBA Vision plan. Simply tell your doctor you have a VBA Vision plan and your provider’s office will handle the rest.

Q: Who is the “member?”
A: The VBA Vision member is the person who receives benefit coverage through an employer. For most plans, we do not have member identification numbers. Instead, we identify you by the last four digits of the member’s social security number, birthdate, and zip code.

Q: Can I see an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist?
A: Yes. VBA Vision partners with licensed, practicing Doctors of Optometry and Ophthalmology as well as retail locations. All VBA Vision doctors adhere to our comprehensive exam standards.

Q: How can I find a participating doctor?
A: There are two easy ways to find participating doctors. Visit our Provider Finder or contact a member services representative at 1-800-432-4966.

Q: I chose a participating doctor, now what?
A: Check the website to find out if you are eligible. Then, schedule an appointment. The doctor will take care of everything else!

Q: Do I need to take a form to my appointment?
A: No. If you chose a Participating Provider, your doctor will process your services electronically.

Q: Will I be required to pay a copay for my appointment?
A: It depends on your plan. If your plan requires a copay, you will pay your doctor at the time of your visit. To find out if your plan requires a copay, simply login to access information about your coverage.

Q: Will I have any out-of-pocket expenses or is everything covered?
A: Depending on your plan, there may be out-of-pocket expenses. If your plan offers lens and frames or contact lens coverage and you visit a VBA Vision participating doctor, then you are covered for: a comprehensive vision exam, clear lenses, and quality frames with no out-of-pocket expenses other than the copayment. Polycarbonate lenses are covered for children under age 19. A one-year scratch protection is covered for all ages.

Some examples of possible out-of-pocket lens and frame options:

  • Tinted lenses
  • Progressive no-line bifocals
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Frames exceeding your plan’s wholesale allowance

The optional items listed will be at an additional cost negotiated for you by VBA Vision. In most cases, these costs will be lower than retail prices.

Q: Can I pick any frames I want?
A: Yes. VBA Vision wants you to pick frames that make you comfortable and fit your lifestyle. You are not limited to certain manufacturers or styles. Instead, your plan has an allowance based on the wholesale cost of frames. If you choose frames above the plan’s allowance, the doctor will charge you a fee. Ask your doctor for help choosing stylish frames within your budget.

Q: Can I choose contact lenses?
A: Yes. Elective contact lenses, exams, and fittings are available instead of a comprehensive eye exam, lenses, and frames for plans that are not exam-only. The contact lens allowance is determined by your plan. Please login to the member portal for more information regarding your plan.

Q: Can I choose contact lenses in lieu of glasses?
A: Yes. Please check your plan for more details.

Q: I already have a doctor who is out-of-network. Can I still use this provider?
A: Yes. As long as you are deemed eligible for coverage, then your plan covers out-of-network reimbursement, you may choose a provider outside of our network.  VBA Vision plans reimburse you for out-of-network services based on your plan’s coverage. At the time of your appointment, you will pay the doctor in full for all services and products. Then, send us an out-of-network reimbursement form with all itemized receipts. Please check your plan for reimbursement amounts prior to your appointment. Keep in mind that your plan reimbursements may not cover all expenses.

To ensure you are eligible, simply login on our vision page, click “Continue” then click “Am I Eligible?”

Note: If any problems arise with your glasses or contacts due to an inaccurate prescription written by a non-participating doctor, VBA Vision and participating doctors do not assume any responsibility.

Q: I visited an out-of-network doctor. When will I receive my reimbursement check?
A: We send checks out bi-weekly. Your reimbursement is based on your plan’s out-of-network coverage. Please keep in mind that your plan reimbursement may not cover all expenses. Check your plan details for more information.

Q: I don’t need glasses or contact lenses. Do I need an eye exam?
A: Yes. Comprehensive eye exams do more than provide you with glasses and contact lenses. Comprehensive eye exams can detect vision problems and other health concerns. An eye doctor can detect signs of diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, neurological disorders, and brain tumors. Caring for your eyes is an important part of maintaining good health and wellness.

Q: I lost/broke my glasses. Will you replace them?
A: No. We do not replace lost or broken glasses. Some doctors offer this type of protection. We encourage you to reach out to your provider for more information.

Q: Can I get glasses from a different doctor than my exam?
A: Yes. VBA Vision wants you to be happy with your frames. Some doctors will fill prescriptions from other doctors. For a listing of doctors who will fill prescriptions, review our provider list or contact member services at 1-800-432-4966.

Q: Can I get laser vision correction?
A: Yes. VBA Vision covered subscribers are eligible for discounts on laser vision correction at hundreds of doctor locations nationwide. For more information, contact VBA Vision member services at 1-800-432-4966.

Q: I have more questions. Can I call?
A: Yes. We love to hear from our members. Call 1-800-432-4966. Our exceptional customer care representatives are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 6:00pm ET. To give our employees an opportunity to spend time with family, we are closed on New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.