Take your Child to Work Day

lemonade stand

On Tuesday, July 10, VBA played host to an awesome group of our team members’ children for a summer edition of Take your Child to Work Day. The goal of the day? To teach the group different aspects of operating a business.

The kids were in charge of their own business for the day- a lemonade stand! To kickstart the operations, they were split into two groups: sales and marketing. The sales team got to work pricing and sorting their baked goods, and creating a lunch special to try and drive more business. In the meantime, the marketing team devised a plan for advertising. They made posters for their menu/prices, and a few to attract customers. Some members of the team also went around to local businesses to try and generate some buzz around town.

After a successful day of selling, the kids were thrilled to learn they raised over $600, which will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

child sleeping in carseat

We asked for some feedback on the day and our young entrepreneurs didn’t hold back. When asked what he learned about running a business, Rhys H. said, “I learned that it’s important to pay your employees.” Meanwhile, Kira C. said, “I learned that signs are really important because that’s how you advertise to people.”

The group consensus on their favorite part of the day? The excitement of serving their first customer. After a long day’s work, the kids closed up shop & we heard they maybe had a little too much fun being in charge for the day...

A special thank you to Raya's Pizzeria for donating the delicious pizza, NAI for allowing us to host the lemonade stand and to all VBA employees who provided delicious baked goods to sell.

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