Introducing a more robust VBA.

Through our partnership with TruAssure Insurance Company, VBA will now offer dental benefits.

With this expansion of services, rest-assured that everything you know about VBA will remain the same. You know the breadth and depth of our coverage. You expect outstanding customer care rooted in decades of experience. And you trust the integrity of our products and packages. None of that has changed.

Today, we are proud to offer more than just vision benefits. Dental coverage, and additional coverage in the years to come, will allow our members to better maintain their overall health. 

We encourage you to explore our site and read more about all that we have to offer. Whether you are a member, benefits administrator, broker, or provider, we are here for you with the best benefits, products, and services available.

VBA dental plans are administered and underwritten by TruAssure Insurance Company. TruAssure dental plans are offered in association with DenteMax dental networks.