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We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

We absolutely understand that finding the right coverage for your employees is critical, and at times, complicated.

That’s why we’re providing answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also review frequently asked Member questions on the Member FAQ page.

General Plan Information  
Group Size 

The minimum group size begins as low as 10 eligible employees. 

Contact a Representative or Request a Proposal today to build a plan that meets the needs of you and your employees. 

Base and Buy-Up Plans  

For many employees, benefits are a deciding factor in accepting a new position or staying in a current position. 

Giving your employees the choice of coverage level in their vision plan allows each person to select the coverage to best meet their visual needs, style preferences and budget. 

Our Representatives can help you decide what plans to offer. 

Service and Material Frequencies  

We can help you design plans with 12 or 24-month exam and/or material frequencies. Your organization has the option to offer 12-month frequencies for children while maintaining 24-month frequencies for adults.

Lens Enhancements 

Your organization can determine lens enhancement coverage for your employees.

Under most plans, eyeglass lenses are covered or discounted when visiting a VBA in-network provider for eligible members. Additional lens treatments or materials may be covered or discounted in base or buy-up plans for lens enhancements such as: 

  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Blue light materials and/or coatings
  • UV protection
  • Progressive lenses
  • Tinted lenses
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Mirror lenses, etc.
Funding Types 

Available funding types include:

  • Company Paid
  • Employee Paid
  • Contributory
  • Self-Funded
Enrollment Options   

Your VBA Account Executive will work with you to determine what enrollment option is right for you. VBA allows for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), online enrollment and other solutions based on your organization’s needs.

General Member Information  
Member ID Number  

Your enrolled employees need a member ID number to log in the VBA Member Portal and to schedule an appointment with a VBA in-network provider.

  • In most cases, the member ID is the last four digits of the policyholder’s SSN.
  • Occasionally, the member ID is a unique number assigned by your organization. If your organization uses unique ID numbers, please notify your enrolled employees of this ID.
  • If your enrolled employees would like a VBA Member ID Card, they can print one from the VBA Member portal.


Member ID Cards 

VBA has simplified our process. Your enrolled employees do not need an ID card to make an appointment or visit a VBA in-network provider.

  • An ID card is not needed to receive services or materials from an in-network provider. 
  • When making an appointment, your enrolled employees need to tell the VBA in-network provider they have VBA.
  • Enrolled employees will need to provide their VBA Member ID Number to a VBA in-network provider.
  • If your enrolled employees would like a VBA Member ID Card, they can print one from the VBA Member portal.
VBA In-network Providers  
VBA Provider Network  

VBA adds new providers each day through active recruiting of independent providers and retail groups.

Network Reports  

GeoAccess Reports compare your employees’ zip codes to the providers in our network. To receive a GeoAccess Report, please provide your employees’ zip codes to your Account Executive in an excel spreadsheet format.

Disruption Reports compare your employees’ provider usage history to our network. To receive a Disruption Report, please provide your Account Executive a list of providers visited by your employees in an excel spreadsheet format.