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Get a better idea of our requirements.

Review a sample RFP checklist.

To help you better understand the RFP process, we have assembled a sample checklist of benefit requirements:

Required Data For RFPs

  • Official (legal) name of business
  • Complete HQ address with street number, city, state and zip code
  • Proposed effective date
  • Type of funding requested (fully insured, self-insured)
  • Census (in Excel) showing the following information
    • All eligible employees
    • If census includes ineligible employees, a way to decipher who is eligible and who is not
    • Home zip codes of eligible employees
    • Tier selection for each enrolled employee (EE, EE+SP/EE+1, EE+CH(ren), FAM)
    • If group offers multiple plans (High vs. Low, Union vs Non-union, etc.), the plan selection for each enrolled employee
  • Requested tier structure (2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier)
  • Requested commission level (Percentage for Risk,  $ PEPM for ASC)
  • Current plan certificate (or summary)
  • Detailed plan deviations requested from current
  • Any other special considerations/notes UW needs to know about prior to the release of the quote (inclusion of any special credits, etc.)

Preferred Data For RFPs

  • Employee DOB’s
  • Employee genders
  • Employer contribution level
  • Incumbent carrier
  • Current rates
  • Renewal rates
  • Claims experience (must include claims, by month, with respective monthly enrollment)
  • Name of broker and broker agency
  • Is listed broker BOR?
  • Competitive data (other than current & renewal rates)
  • Rate history
  • SIC Code

Required Documents To Be Attached

  • Census (in Excel)
  • Plan certificate and/or Plan Summary
  • Broker RFP

Preferred Documents To Be Attached

  • Claims data from current carrier
  • Renewal document
  • Competitive data/quotes (besides from current carrier)