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Education and Technology

The Foundation is proud to support advancements in the science of optometry through education and technology. We know that through new medical developments and technological advancements, healthcare will be forever changing.

It is our goal to assist students, researchers and doctors in their mission to help develop advancements and educate providers on how to best care for those in need.

The Foundation gives priority to projects and programs that have clearly defined outcomes. We do not consider requests from outside the United States, but do encourage those that will directly impact fellow Pennsylvanians. Foundation leadership has established the following program priorities:


  • Continuing education for licensed optometrists
  • Professional education for optometry students
  • Community awareness and education on importance of yearly eye exams


  • Research and technology that will help foster and preserve human eyesight through the science of optometry

Grant Application

Grant applications will be accepted and considered when submitted within our bi-yearly grant cycle. Deadlines for grant requests are the First week of March and the First week of September.

To start the the process, click on the download button below. Print out the application, fill it out and upload it to the site. When you upload the application, please also provide a narrative description of the grant request. This narrative should include the following information: background of organization, needs assessment, program description, budget, outcomes assessment and reporting method, and a conclusion.

Download the Grant Application

If you have questions regarding grant requests, please contact us.