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Let’s Work Together

By focusing on your clients, we help you give them the benefits they want.

Simplicity & Support

VBA keeps things simple for you and your clients. We pride ourselves on being adaptable, accommodating and flexible. From a faster proposal process to custom plan designs, we focus on supporting you.

Scope & Scale

VBA offers customized plan designs and custom underwriting for companies of 10 or more employees. Our plans include a vast network of access points—more than 46,000 for vision (including optometrists, ophthalmologists and retailers). To streamline your sales and administration, VBA also offers dental benefits through its partnership with TruAssure insurance company including over 396,000 dental access points.

Coverage That Counts

VBA covers vision care exams so that your clients’ employees can stay healthy and see clearly. By taking advantage of these regular exams, providers can detect any potential issues early and begin treatment, ensuring clients’ employees eyes are as healthy as possible.

Support from Expert Representatives

At VBA, our representatives are available to offer sound advice and helpful information. Our consultative approach can guide both you and your clients through any aspect of selecting vision benefits.

Values in Vision…and Beyond

VBA’s values are a core part of our company, setting the foundation for everything we do today and into the future.

  • Integrity – We do the right thing at all times.
  • Dependability – We are accountable, reliable and deliver on our promises.
  • Loyalty – We are passionate about your employees and their vision care needs.
  • Respect – We appreciate everyone’s differences and respect varying points of view.
  • Family – We put family first, and understand that your company and your employees do the same.
  • Energy – We infuse energy into everything we do.  
  • Teamwork – We collaborate with each other and with you.
  • Excellence – We make every effort to exceed expectations.
  • Learning and Improvement – We are always seeking ways to better our products and services.