VBA vision insurance plans

With VBA Vision, the future looks good.

Why? Because VBA Vision covers comprehensive eye exams, which are critical in maintaining vision health.

We partner with more than 16,000 providers for your convenience, with the flexibility to choose their preferred labs. And we provide vision plans designed to meet your needs.

VBA Vision has more than 50 years experience in providing diverse and cost-effective benefits to our members. As a matter of fact, we were one of the first preferred provider organizations (PPO) in the nation offering group vision coverage. We are using that heritage as a springboard for moving forward, continually evaluating our products and services to offer the best vision benefits available.


“Yes.” “Simple.” “Definitely.” And other good-to-know answers.

Is your provider in network? How do you file a claim? Are you eligible for a comprehensive eye exam? Get answers to all the questions your wondering mind wants to know.


Ah, the benefit of ease & understanding.

VBA Vision makes using your benefits as easy as possible—just four simple steps. We also provide a complete explanation of exactly what’s covered.


Ever heard of
“smiling eyes”?

We know all about that. It’s what happens when your eyes are healthy and happy. We’ve got tips to help you take the best care of your eyes.

Eye Health Info

Don’t see your doctor in our provider list?

If your current doctor is not part of the VBA Vision network, we would be happy to get in touch and encourage them to join.