All Eyes on Halloween Safety

Halloween is right around the corner. Between trying to find the best costumes, picking out candy to hand out and finding the spookiest decorations, we thought it might be helpful to round up some safety tips to ensure your holiday is scary fun!

  • Do not purchase costume contacts without a prescription.

Sure, colored contacts might make your costume complete, but did you know it’s illegal to sell contact lenses in the United States without a prescription? You can purchase decorative contacts from your optometrist or ophthalmologist, or even online, provided that you are required to enter your prescription. Wearing contact lenses without a prescription can cause serious damage, such as a scratched cornea, corneal infection or decreased vision.

  • Choose your treats wisely.

When choosing treats to indulge in on Halloween, consider your teeth. While all candies contain sugars that can harm teeth, some can cause more damage than others. Chewy and hard candies can be particularly harmful. Residue from these treats remains on teeth longer than other types of candy and can lead to tooth decay. Hard candies also pose a risk of a dental emergency, like cracking or breaking a tooth. Try to limit your consumption of chewy or hard candies around the house during Halloween, and opt for candy that is less likely to damage teeth, such as chocolate or sugarless gum.

  • Avoid costume accessories that obstruct your vision.

We understand that a pirate costume wouldn’t be complete without an eye patch, and what’s a witch without her hat? But if you’re going to be out-and-about on Halloween, be sure your costume doesn’t interfere with your vision. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk for an injury from a fall or accident because you couldn’t see well.

  • Be cautious of cosmetics on your teeth.

Whether you’re trying to fake a missing tooth, or you plan to wear fake teeth, make sure you use precaution. If you plan to use blackout wax, make sure all the wax is washed off before eating or drinking. Additionally, if you plan to wear fake teeth, be sure to remove them before attempting to have a treat to avoid choking or biting your lip/tongue.

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