The Importance of Opticians

Nowadays, just about anything can be purchased on the internet and delivered on your doorstep a few days later. In the last decade, purchasing eyeglasses online has become increasingly common. But is this the best route to take? Though it may be convenient, it may not be the wisest long-term decision for your eyes.

One thing the internet can’t do is help you pick out glasses that are tailored for your vision and style needs. This is where an optician would come into play, and why they are essential for ensuring you are selecting the right pair of eyeglasses.

You may be wondering, what exactly is an optician? Simply put, an optician helps fit eyeglasses. After you receive your new prescription from your eye care provider, you have the opportunity to meet with an optician to help you select your new eyeglasses. The optician specializes in verifying and fitting lenses and frames to ensure you’re getting the best pair of glasses for your visual and lifestyle needs.

They’ll first walk you through the options available for your new prescription and help you pick out your new frames. Once your new glasses arrive, they will help confirm they fit your face properly, and make adjustments if needed. If you are trying a new set of contact lenses, the optician can demonstrate how to use them safely.

Taking the time to meet with an optician will help ensure your new lenses and frames fit comfortably and are tailored to your face. Additionally, if you are someone that wears progressive, bifocal or trifocal lenses, you know that it can be even more of an adjustment each time you buy new glasses. Fortunately, the optician will be able to provide expertise to help you adjust to your new lenses and prescription.

Picking out new glasses or contact lenses can take time, but having an optician by your side during this process will help ensure your style and visual needs are being met.

The information contained above is intended to be educational in nature, does not constitute medical advice, and should not be relied on as a substitute for actual professional medical advice, care or treatment. If you have any vision, dental or other health related concerns, VBA encourages you to immediately contact your optometrist/ophthalmologist, dentist/orthodontist or any other competent, licensed, medical professional.