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We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

We know that understanding and explaining coverage can be complicated. That’s why we’re providing answers to the most commonly asked questions.

That’s why we’re providing answers to the most commonly asked questions. You can also review commonly asked Member questions on the Member FAQ page.

Become an In-Network Provider  
VBA In-Network Provider  

We pride ourselves on making it easy and convenient for you to work with VBA by taking the hassle out of claims and submission. We do everything electronically, from claim submissions to authorizations, meaning you can access your patients’ eligibility and coverage 24/7.

We understand that finding the right optical solution for our members requires comprehensive product knowledge. Through our extensive network of labs offering a wide range of products, you can help meet the needs of our members.

We’ve been providing cost-effective benefits since 1965 and began as a non-profit founded by optometrists. We are proud to continue that legacy by including Optometrists on our Board of Directors.

Becoming a VBA In-Network Provider  

To become a network provider, you must first complete the Provider Application and Participating Provider Agreement and submit it with all requested documentation. Once received, VBA will review all materials to ensure the application is complete. If complete, you will begin the credentialing process with VBA. You must first be credentialed prior to rendering services to VBA members.

Credentialing takes approximately 60 days. To streamline the process, please ensure your CAQH Profile is up to date, recently re-attested and the current professional liability certificate is uploaded and approved. Once the application is complete, a credentialing review will be initiated with Verisys, formerly Aperture Health.

Verisys is an independent credentials verification organization contracted by VBA to perform primary source verification. Please respond to any requests for additional information by Verisys as quickly as possible.

Once Verisys completes the review, your credentialing file will be reviewed by VBA. If accepted by VBA’s Credentialing Committee, you will receive a VBA account number and will officially be part of VBA’s Participating Provider Network to begin rendering services to VBA members.

Account Management  
My Information  

VBA encourages providers to log in to the VBA Provider Portal on a regular basis to ensure all practice information is accurate and up-to-date. 

If your information is incorrect, you have changed your phone/fax, physical address, mailing address or added a location, please ​contact us. 

Please contact VBA if you have a change in ownership or tax ID. In these cases, VBA requires your organization to apply for panel membership with the updated information. 

User ID  

VBA assigns unique provider IDs based on practice location. 

Please contact us if you do not know your Provider ID. 

General Member Information  
Member ID Number  

Your patients will need a VBA member ID number to log in the VBA Member Portal and to schedule an appointment with an in-network provider.

  • In most cases, the member ID is the last four digits of the policyholder’s SSN.
  • Occasionally, the member ID may be a unique number assigned by the policyholder's employer.
  • To pull an authorization and submit a claim, you will need:
    • The last four digits of the policyholder’s SSN
    • The policyholder’s date of birth 
    • The policyholder’s zip code.
Member ID Cards  

VBA has simplified the process.

  • An ID card is not needed to receive services or materials from an in-network provider.
  • When making an appointment, members should let you know they have VBA.
  • Members will need to provide you their VBA Member ID Number before you can pull an authorization or submit a claim. 
  • If a member would like a VBA Member ID Card, custom cards are available for the member to print one on the VBA Member Portal. 

Members should log in to the VBA Member Portal or contact us to make sure they are eligible to receive services.

Member Information  

VBA receives member name, address and date of birth from the employer.

  • If the member’s name, address, date of birth or other information is incorrect, please contact the employer’s benefit administrator or human resources department.
  • All changes to the member’s information must be made by the employer’s benefit administrator or human resources department.