Fall into Good Health

Fall is officially upon us! As you enjoy cooler temperatures and falling leaves, we thought we’d provide these helpful hints for maintaining eye and dental health during the change of season.

Take it easy on the seasonal drinks

Pumpkin flavored teas and coffees are a huge hit this time of year, but be mindful of how many you’re enjoying! Pigments from dark drinks such as teas and coffee can become embedded in your enamel and darken your smile. In addition, the amount of sugar in those drinks can lead to tooth decay.  

Keep rocking your shades

Though summer has officially come to an end, sunglass season is all year-round. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny fall day by picking pumpkins or raking leaves, make sure you protect your eyes with your sunglasses. The sun’s UV rays can harm your eyes no matter what season.

Beware of sticky candies

Popular fall treats such as caramel apples and candy corn may taste sweet, but they can be tricky! Sticky candies can get lodged in your molars and the grooves of your teeth, and eat away at your enamel. To avoid a cavity from your seasonal treats, be sure you brush and floss after your snack to make sure you get all the little pieces off your teeth.

Be prepared for fall allergies

A change of season means potential for new seasonal allergies. The most common allergies in the fall include ragweed and mold. To try and avoid red, itchy allergy eyes, wear sunglasses or safety glasses if you’re working out in the yard. Having something to protect from pollen in the air. If you suffer from continued runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing, consult your doctor. 

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